Wednesday, November 11, 2009

morning chat

Me: Good morning Zavier
Zavier: Morning
Me: Do you want to snuggle Mommy and watch a show?
Zavier: Yeah
Me: Ok, go get your pillow and blanket
Zavier: [returns with pillow and blanket]
Me: Ok thanks. What do you want to watch?
Zavier: Jay Jay Jet Plane
Me: That's not on, pick something else please.
Zavier: How 'bout Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Me: Ok, which show do you want - Mickey's Surprise or...
Zavier: Mickey Surprise
Me: Ok. Where am I supposed to sit? Here or there? [pointing to areas on the couch]
Zavier: here. [patting the spot next to him]. I want snuggle.
Me: Ok.