Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Zavier has been doing well so far on vacation. He continues to be fully potty trained, even at night, and he's still talking (he's a cooperative sweetheart and doesn't tantrum, and that hasn't changed either). He's been spending a lot of time studying material that was orig meant for ESL students, so I think his speech therapist is going to be happy when he returns with his progress. We're working on building more complex concepts involving location and action. So for example:

Me: "Where's Grandpa Kap?"
Zavier: "In the living room."
Me: "What's he doing?"
Zavier: "Watching tv."
Me: "Good job. So where is Grandpa Kap and what is he doing?"
Zavier: blank stare

So that last component - of building the two concepts together, is what we're working on. I got some great ideas from other Moms on their websites. They used sheets of paper to label the locations, and put small dolls and objects on each sheet, so we'll try that.