Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Tonight we went out as a family to an arcade. We told Zavier that it was a room full of computers with games on it, and that he would have fun. He loves computers, so he was happy to go.

Once we arrived, I realized that it was going to be a bigger assault on his senses than I ever imagined. It was loud, flashing lights, and the temp was hot. This would usually cause Zavier to start to fade away, shut down, stim, and shake. So I tried to remain positive, and focus on the games he might be interested in.

First we checked out the Spider Stomp game, and he stepped on the discs that lit up appropriately. Then we went to the Dance Dance Revolution game, and he hung out with his sisters on it. Then Pacman, then a boat race game, a motorcycle game, and a shooting game.

I handed him my iPhone YouTube to give him something else to focus on in between a few of the games, and he liked that. But I'm not sure that he needed it. He remained calm throughout the whole event. I think I was ready to go before he was.

It was a great family night.