Saturday, November 6, 2010

Old Thank You Letter

I came across a thank you letter that I had written to key people in Zavier's life, around the time that he turned 4. I'd like to share it here.


There was once a boy who wandered. His favorite place to roam was the beach. He’d run along the shore, and occasionally dart into the sea. It was only his parents’ loving hands that held him back. He didn’t respond to his name; he wouldn’t try to find something cool to show someone else, and he wasn’t interested in playing games.

Everyone loved him.
And they worked hard with him.
And they never gave up on him.

Now the boy still loves the beach. But he doesn’t wander anymore.
He laughs with his family as they all jump the waves together. He helps to build sandcastles, and he agrees to bury Daddy’s legs with sand. He sits on the family blanket eating snacks, and watches a Blue Angels air show.

Thank you for caring about my son.
Thank you for all of your hard work.
Thank you for never giving up hope.
Thank you for seeing the potential of every wandering child.