Friday, January 7, 2011

3 comical things

Zavier had us cracking up tonight.

Me: "Zavier, who loves you?"
Zavier: "Mommy, Abby, Kyrsten, the computer, Daddy..."
Me: "The computer?"
Zavier: "Yes."

Zavier: "June. June. June. June."
Me: "Zavier, stop saying June. Please, say something else."
Zavier: (he thought for a moment) "May. May..."

Zavier: "May. May. May."
Me: "Zavier, seriously, shhhh."
Zavier: "shhhh"
Me: "No, you shhh. Quiet. No more May. Enough."
Zavier: (settles down into his pillow on the sofa, looks at tv)
Me: (walk out of living room, into kitchen)
Zavier: whispers once: "May!"