Thursday, January 27, 2011


Zavier laughed as a baby, and found humor in life - he was a fun kid. When we lost him to the regression at age 28 months, he would still laugh, but he wouldn't share his experience with anyone. He would just laugh while running around his room, ignoring us completely.

As he began to heal/recover, I waited for that shared humor again. I finally saw it when he was about to turn 3. We were watching a Spongebob episode, and he started to giggle at his antics, then he looked at me to see my reaction. I laughed too, and pretty soon we were both giggling whenever Spongebob did anything funny. It was a beautiful moment, and I'll never forget it. I'm not a huge fan of the show, but I will always love the character for helping us open up another window into my son's world. Each layer that we get through helps us find him again.

Now at age 6, he has a fun sense of humor. We laugh at a lot of things together. Funny books, silly moments on shows, etc. He doesn't have that connection with everyone. His older sister works hard to try to get him to laugh with her, and I really appreciate her persistence and enthusiasm. At least for now, I get to see it and experience it. Tonight we were talking and laughing about a funny game they were playing on the beach in an episode of House Hunters.

Me: "That's pretty silly, huh Z?"
Zavier: "Yeah." (giggles)
Me: "What are they doing?"
Zavier: "Pwaying silly game."
Me: "Yeah, that's funny."
Zavier: "Yeah." (laughs)
Me: "Do you want to play that too?"
Zavier: (howls with laughter) "Yeah."
Me: "Ok."

We have come a long way, and I appreciate and treasure those moments.