Monday, February 7, 2011

following directions

Me: "Hey Zavier, can you please put all of your dvd stuff away? Put the dvd player in the bag, the dvds - all of it. Then please go potty."

["All of it" = dvd player, power cord, remote, 5 dvds to put back into 5 cases, and 6 loose dvds...all into one bag]

I walked away with my fingers crossed, hoping he'd listen. A few minutes later, I heard the bathroom door close. I went to his room to check. Sure enough, "all of it" was put into his bag, and he was now in the bathroom. Yay!

We have been working on directions for a while, and lately it's been building into more steps, ie: "go to the front door and put on your shoes." Today was a big deal for him, because it involved a lot of attention/focus, motor planning, etc.

I was really proud of him.