Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Zavier has an OT named Bobbi, and he likes her very much. Today at 2, we arrived in her office for our appointment, but we found out she wasn't available. "Sorry Zavier, we have to leave, Bobbi is busy. Time to go to the car."

"No. Pway Bobbi," he said, going over to her door.

"Sorry Buddy, time to go," I replied. "Bobbi is busy."

"Bobbi is busy? No!" He protested firmly, with some emotion, but remained overall calm. He pointed to the direction of her door, then looked at me, then looked back at the door (joint attention). "Bobbi!"

"How about phone?" I suggested. "How about go to car and play with phone."

Zavier sighed. Finally he grumbled, "Yes, phone."