Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nick Jr Boost

Zavier: "Mommy, can I have Nick Jr Boost?"
Me: "Can I sit and look at it?"

Zavier got up from the computer.

Me: "Looks like you have been trying to sign me in."
Zavier: "Yes."
Me: "You know my gmail address?"
Zavier: "Yes."
Me: "You are probably going to grow up and be a computer hacker, huh?"
Zavier: "Computers. Yes."
Me: "Ok well I already signed you up for Nick Jr Boost a while ago. Here I'll sign you in."
Zavier: "Mommy, it's my turn."
Me: "Oh, you want to sit here?"
Zavier: "Yes."
Me: "Well, where do you want Mommy to go?"
Zavier: "To the computer."
Me: "Ok great, I'm already at the computer."
Zavier: "No, to room. Mommy go to the living room."
Me: "Ok bye."
Zavier: "Bye."

Then he played Nick Jr Boost for 1.5 hrs, with a few interruptions from me to eat snack, put on pj's, brush his teeth, and to try to get him to talk more. Then he came and found me around 8:50pm and told me it was time for him to go to bed, thanks to 1mg melatonin :).