Friday, May 20, 2011


Zavier: Mommy, can I have phone?
Me: Yeah ok. Are you going to watch YouTube?
Zavier: Yes (takes phone, opens YouTube, types in what he wants into search)
Me: What are you watching?
Zavier: I watching Silly Nick Jr Face.
Me: Do you like it?
Zavier: Yes
Me: Is it funny?
Zavier: Yes (giggling as he watches it)
Me: How do you feel?
Zavier: I feel happy.

Zavier runs off with the phone and spends the next 1/2 hr playing with it, until the battery dies. Then he returns it to me and asks for the computer so he can log in and play on it. He loves electronics. His fav thing to do lately is watch video clips involving counting in Spanish and French. His uncle is helping him. As a result, Zavier can now count to ten in both Spanish and French. He loves it. He exclaims, "language!" and could spend hours looking at various language instruction clips, if he could plan his perfect day.