Friday, August 12, 2011


Zavier: "Meet Strawberry Shortcake."
Me: "What?"
Zavier: "Mommy I want Meet Strawberry Shortcake dvd."
Me: "Do you already own it, or do you want me to look for it?"
Zavier: "Yes."
Me: (sigh)
Zavier: "Where is it?"
Me: "I don't know, because I don't think you already own that one. I'll get it for you from amazon, ok? It'll arrive probably Monday or Tuesday. Today is Friday. You'll have to wait 3-4 days."
Zavier: "Yes."
Me: "Ok, so do you want any other movies?"
Zavier: "Barbie Mariposa."
Abby: "I wanted that one! Zavier takes all of my movies!"
Me: "Abby, you can share. I'll order them."
Zavier: "Yes!" Starts to jump for joy.