Thursday, January 5, 2012

XBox Kinect

In December 2010, my parents generously gave us a new XBox 360 Kinect for Christmas. It was for the family to enjoy, but they also had Zavier in mind, because it was reported in the news that other children with autism liked Kinect (it's similar to the Wii, except you don't need to hold anything in your hands when you play).

The family loved it. Well, except Zavier. He wasn't really interested in even watching them play...until now, about one year later. We found a game called Just Dance Kids 2, and since it has songs on it that he loves, he will sit and watch it. Then the other day something really cool happened: Zavier stood up and agreed to play beside his dad. And the two of them danced to Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, and some other songs that Zavier selected. It was a really beautiful moment. I wanted to stay to watch, but I had to pick up Abby at preschool, so I just left the house smiling.