Saturday, April 7, 2012


Me: "Hey Zavier? It's time for bed. I'll be right back."
When I returned, he had already put his laptop away.
Me: "Good job buddy, putting your laptop away. That's great. What's this?"
Zavier: "It's a toothbrush."
Me: "Yup, so what does that mean?"
Zavier: "Brush teeth."
Me: "Yup. Do you want to do it, or do you want Mommy to help?"
Zavier: "I do it."
Me: "Ok, here." I talk to him while he brushes his teeth. "Ok so now it's time for prayer. Do you want to say it?"
Zavier: "Yes. Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. To angels watch me through night. Til I wake morning light. Please God bless Mommy Daddy everyone who loves me. Bestest Zavier whole wide world. Amen."
Me: "Ok good job. Can I give you kisses?"
Zavier: "Yes. Ten kisses."
Me: "Ok, where can I kiss you? On the forehead, cheek, or nose...?"
Zavier: "On the cheek."
Me: "Ok, left or right?"
Zavier: "Right cheek." (Turns his face so I can kiss the right side).
Me: "Ok let's talk about Zavier. Zavier is...let's say 10 things."
Zavier: "Cute, smart, sweet, kind, cute, smart, sweet..."
Me: "Ok, you are saying some of them twice. How about cute, smart, sweet, kind, brave..."
Zavier: "Funny, good reader, an' little bit silly."
Me: "Ok sounds good. Love you."
Zavier: "I wuv you."
Me: "Good night."
Zavier: silence
Me: "Um, Zavier?"
Zavier: "G'night."