Monday, April 26, 2010

Mr. Techie

Zavier is 5 years, 11 months tomorrow. He's been playing on the computer by himself for about three years. He now logs into his home page by typing in his full name. Here is an update on my Mr. Techie:

On the desktop computer, Zavier likes to go into his fav websites and play games, watch videos, etc. He has been teaching us how to do some tricks on the computer, specifically with computer graphics. Zavier figured out how to shrink computer games down, and white out all the distracting fluff, so that all you see is the main character of the game and a few surrounding key elements. And then he plays the game that way. Lately he's been teaching himself how to edit photos in Powerpoint using what appears to be a clipboard. He also enjoys watching the slide-shows that we created for him when he was learning to speak at age 3.

Now my iPhone: Zavier gets my iPhone as a reward for potty success; he watches YouTube noggin clips on it. Sometimes he's impish and goes into other programs on there. He's now figured out how to change the wallpaper photo on my iPhone via Settings. I usually have a picture of my 95 yr old grandma and two of my kids. Zavier changed it to a photo of himself in the living room. Then he changed it to Abby looking into a closet. Today I had a rose. I'm curious to see what he'll pick tomorrow.