Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The concept of "why" is usually one of the last things that kids learn. Usually other "wh" concepts come first, like what, where, who, and when. I know I should probably wait longer, but I really want Zavier to get the concept of why, so we've been practicing for the past week. Usually he really, really struggles with his answer to the "why." He can't remember the word "because," he can't remember the reason, or both.

But today, it was clear as a bell, and it was beautiful.

[Intro: Zavier gets my cell phone for 10 minutes if he uses the restroom. So he went to the potty, hopped off, and the following conversation started...]

Zavier: "Mommy, I want phone."
Me: "Ok, but why do you want the phone?"
Zavier: "Because I peed on potty."