Monday, December 20, 2010

Dumping meds

Zavier's liquid meds are mixed with juice in a reg. size glass, and then he's asked to drink them. A few months ago, he figured out there's medicine in it, and he specifically requests "juice, no medicine."

His latest ploy has been to take the juice to the bathroom, and flush it down the toilet. He got away with it for about 3 days, until I caught on.

Mommy: Here Zavier, drink your juice.
Zavier: (Attempts to take it to the bathroom)
Mommy: Hey, where are you going?
Zavier: Bathroom
Mommy: Why are you taking juice to bathroom? Stop.
Zavier: You stop.
Mommy: No, you stop.
Zavier: (hands me the glass, then shuts the door. Later, he emerges).
Mommy: Zavier, did you pee on potty?
Zavier: Yes
Mommy: Good job, now drink your juice.
Zavier: No
Mommy: Yes, please drink it.
Zavier: No drink it. Flush it.
Mommy: No, we don't put our juice in the potty.
Zavier: Medicine in potty.
Mommy: No.
Zavier: Yes.
Mommy: No.
Zavier: (sighs).