Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today was positive. We have been working a lot on imitation lately (ie: Head Shoulders Knees Toes, etc) and pretending. Zavier came up to me while I was on the computer and this was our conversation:

Zavier: "Let's play pretend."
Me: "Ok, what do you want to pretend to be? How about a dog."
Zavier: "woof woof."
Me: "That was good. I know, how about we pretend to be frogs. Can you come over here and we'll be frogs together? Look, let's leap like a frog and say ribbit."
Zavier: (started to leap with me, laughing, saying ribbit).

When he was 3, his special needs school teacher said the kids had gone on a short field trip to see the airplanes, and many of them were pretending to be airplanes. Zavier didn't want to participate, which of course I knew, because that just seemed like such a stretch for him to do. So it has been nice to put soooo much effort into it as a family, trying to make it fun, and finally see it pay off. The pretending skill is finally clicking :).