Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting Ready for the Day

Zavier usually starts his day by waking up and going immediately to the bathroom. Our conversation started after he was done, and was about to take a bath.

Zavier: "Mommy, can I have close the door?"
Me: "Yeah sure, do you want me to leave too?"
Zavier: "Yes."
Me: "Ok, so you can have your privacy?"
Zavier: "Yes."
Me: "Ok, that's fine. I'll do that after I turn the water off."

After the bath...

Me: "Excuse me, Zavier, are you ready to get out of the tub?"
Zavier: "Yes." (climbs out, grabs towel)
Me: "Ok I put your clothes on your bed, please go get dressed."
Zavier: (runs to his room, gets dressed)
Me: "Are you all set?"
Zavier: "No. Can I have fix it?" (his boxer briefs had bunched up into one big roll)
Me: "Ok here. Now finish getting dressed."
Zavier: (finishes getting dressed, then comes out of his room)

Time to eat...

Me: "Zavier, what do you want to eat for breakfast?"
Zavier: "Can I have pancake?"
Me: "Sure, do you want jelly on it?"
Zavier: "Yes. And juice no medicine."
Me: "Ok."

After he ate...

Zavier: "Mommy, can I have phone?"
Me: "Yes, after you put your plate on the counter. Go get your plate from the dining room table, and put it on the kitchen counter."
Zavier: (completes the task)
Me: "Good job, Z, here is the phone."

He's currently still playing on the phone. He loves YouTube clips. In a few minutes, we have to leave for Speech Therapy. But that is the basic jist of our morning.