Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Zavier got up off the couch, and ran into the computer room off the kitchen.

Me: Hi Zavier.
Z: Hi Mommy.
Z: Mommy, can I have chips?
Me: Yeah sure. Why do you want chips?
Z: Because I feel hungry.
Me: Ok. What size bowl do you want - big or little?
Z: Big bowl
Me: Ok here. Do you want juice too?
Z: Yes, no medicine.
Me: I can't put medicine in it?
Z: No medicine!
Me: Ok fine. Do you want a straw?
Z: Yes.
Me: Ok, here is your food and drink. Do you want anything else?
Z: No. (walks quickly away with the items)
Me: Bye Zavier.
Z: Bye Mommy.