Thursday, December 2, 2010


Zavier asked two new spontaneous questions lately, and yesterday it was a "why" question!

Q1: "Where's Sparky?"
He asked it to Daddy during our trip to TN. Sparky the dog had been in the room, and then he left, hence prompting the question.

Q2: "Why?"
The "why" question came up because he wanted to eat something, and we said no.

Zavier: "Daddy, can I have pretzels?"
Daddy: "No, sorry buddy."
Zavier: "Why?"
Daddy: "Why? Because they hurt your tummy. You can eat something else."

We have been working on helping him answer why questions since the summer, and now he's getting really good at answering simple, basic why questions (ie: Why do you get to use my phone? Because I peed on potty. Why do you want a popsicle? Because I'm hungry. Why are we going on a trip? Because I see Grammie.).

I'm glad that he was able to make the leap to then ASK it, yay!