Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's broken

Zavier ate a couple crackers that are not on his gfcf diet. They were yeast and dairy free, but not gluten free. It was ok, I gave it to him to see how he's doing with the diet, to see if he still needs it.

It caused an initial huge surge of speech, followed by intense stimming (stuff we haven't seen in a while, like spinning in a circle), and then issues with word retrieval. The last aspect though isn't new, it was just hard to see him going from the speech surge, back to struggling to remember the word that he wanted to say.

Only this time, he had a comment about it, and it was bittersweet.

Zavier: "Mommy, can I have pancake?"

Pancake wasn't what he wanted, and we all knew it, because he had just discussed the iPhone with his therapist prior to coming out to see me. He mentioned pancake because I had just talked about it with him. He couldn't remember why he had originally came out into the living room to see me, so he picked the wrong word. The result was frustration. He put his knuckle in his mouth, chomped hard, and said, "ahhh."

Then he took his hand out of his mouth and said, "it's broken!"

Me: "What is broken Zavier? Is your mind broken?"

Zavier: "Yes!"

He understands the concept of broken from the computer. Our desktop is old in computer years, and sometimes when his youtube clips are playing, the computer freezes up. He then has to tell us that it's broken, and we fix it. So for Zavier, the concept of broken is close to home: he and his beloved computer are sometimes both stuck.