Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Me: "Z, let me show you something on the calendar. What month is it?"
Z: "February 2011."
Me: "Ok look. Daddy is leaving on a boat here." (I pointed to 2/21)
Z: "Ok bye."
Me: "Ok. Look, let's look to see when he's coming back."

I flipped the calendar to almost the end.

Me: "Ok here. Daddy will come back here. What month is it?"
Zavier: "November 2011."
Me: "Yeah. He'll come back November 2011."
Zavier: (stared at it expressionless, quiet).
Me: "But Mommy will be here. And your sisters. And you'll see Nana, and Uncle Eek, and Grandpa Kap."
Zavier: (blinked back tears).
Me: "Uh, ok then. Can you give Daddy a hug? He's still here until Monday."
Zavier: (ran and gave Dad a hug).