Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fix it

Zavier loves electronics, but sometimes too much. There is a fine balance between letting him use them independently, and his sometimes-impish desire to figure out how they work. It's akin to a little kid 50 years ago taking apart the alarm clock and then getting caught with the pieces.

The latest electronic demise was the portable dvd player. He had used it for months without an issue, until today.

Me: "Zavier, the dvd player is broken."
Zavier: "Fix it!"
Me: "I can't, buddy."
Zavier: "Time to clean it."
Me: "No, cleaning won't fix it. It's broken."
Zavier: "Broken?!" (His eyes well with tears).
Me: "Yeah, Zavier broke it. No touching the dvd player here, buddy." (I point to the insides)
Zavier: looked at the insides, giggled a bit. Busted!
Me: "No touching it. Now it's broken. Go put it in the trash."
Zavier: "It's broken!" (tears roll down his cheeks, eyes squint, mouth slightly open.) Then he runs to the kitchen trash, and throws it away.
Me: "Come back and help me clean up the dvd's."

Zavier helps me clean up the dvd's, then crawls into bed.

Me: "There might be another one around here, buddy. I'll look for it tomorrow. You won't be able to use it though. Just when you are playing with your friends." (therapists)

Zavier sighed and rolled over, looking away.

Me: "Please don't touch the inside of the dvd player again. I know it looks cool. But it breaks it. I know you are sad."
Zavier: "Yes!"