Sunday, April 10, 2011

TV Schedule

Me: "Hi Zavier, what are you doing?"
Zavier: "Watching Peppa Pig."

I looked at the tv. Peppa Pig wasn't on it. Then I looked at the laptop on the dining room table, about 6 feet from the tv. He had pulled up a Nick Jr tv show schedule on It indicated that Peppa Pig was coming up next. Zavier was running back and forth between the laptop and the tv, to see if it actually was coming up soon, in excited anticipation (which for Zavier means he's running, not walking, and then he hops twice and smiles).

Me: (looking at 4 yr old sitting on the sofa) "What tv show is on next, Abby?"
Abby: "Peppa Pig."
Me: "How do you know that?"
Abby: "Zavier told me."

Sure enough, Peppa Pig was on next. It started about 30 seconds after I was done talking to Abby.