Friday, March 2, 2012


I don't usually "spring" things on him. Usually we have a consistent and clear plan for the day. But sometimes life happens, and I want him to be able to adjust well. So every once in a while, we add some things that weren't originally planned.

Me: "Hey Zavier? How about we go see Miss Kristin?"
Zavier: "Yes."
Me: "After Miss Kristin, what do you want to do next?"
Zavier: "Go to Zavier's house."
Me: "Ok."

After meeting with Kristin...

Me: "Hey Zavier? Can we go to see Mr Jeff? I have to turn in your homework to him. How about first Mr Jeff, then burger and fries?"
Zavier: "No Mr Jeff."
Me: "Please? You can play with my phone."
Zavier: "Yes."

After meeting with Mr Jeff, then getting the food...

Me: "Hey Zavier? How about we get your hair cut?"
Zavier: "How about no."
Me: "You can play with my phone. No buzzing, just scissors. Mommy will be there."
Zavier: "Yes."
Me: "Ok thanks."

After the haircut, which went great, we went home.